Choosing Between Resistant Granite Slabs in Toronto and Other Surfaces for Your Toronto Home

Choosing Between Resistant Granite Slabs in Toronto and Other Surfaces for Your Home in Toronto

Many homeowners that choose to design their homes with natural stone surfaces must choose between quartz, marble and resistant granite slabs in Toronto. Toronto has many first time homeowners that have never had to consider the differences between the different types of surface options. Often times, marble and granite are terms that are commonly confused and used in place of one another. Though each possesses timeless beauty and long-lasting durability, both of these stones are very different and are best used in certain applications. Most often, marble is revered and used for decorative purposes, while granite, considered a more utilitarian surface, is used in areas of the home that see a higher frequency of use or foot traffic. While marble and granite are porous materials (meaning that air and liquids are more likely to penetrate the surface), quartz is a hard surface countertop material that is non-porous and more resistant to staining. Below, we’ll take a quick look at the differences between these stones and why some homeowners may decide to choose one stone over another.


Quartz, like other hard surface materials and engineered stones, offers homeowners a non-porous surface that provides much better resistance against stains and spills than more porous natural stones. This also means that homeowners will have a more worry-free experience when it comes to maintenance and care of your resistant granite slabs in Toronto. While natural stones such as granite and marble are not non-porous, they are still fairly resistant to absorbing liquids or bacteria. When properly sealed, your natural stone countertop won’t be completely immune to physical damage; however, it will buy homeowners some additional time and protection when it comes to cleaning up those potentially harmful accidents.


At the end of the day, the choice between countertops will ultimately be up to the preference of the owner. All types of stones come in a wide variety of colours, shades and patterns that can be used to suit any type of home. However, many homeowners prefer the natural beauty that marble and granite add to their homes. Natural stone slabs are completely unique. Since no two stone slabs are completely the same in terms of their colours, patterns or shades, homeowners can be assured that no one has quite the same looking surface as they do in their homes. This gives natural stone a unique appeal that cannot be replicated. Marble is highly regarded for its natural shine and ability to reflect light, making it one of the best stones for decorative purposes.


Marble, granite and quartz all provide resistance against staining, scratching and etching in various degrees. Quartz is the most resistant against staining and physical damage such as cracking and chipping. While granite is more durable than marble, all of these stones is more than capable of handling the rigors of interior home use. Marble is more prone to heat and etching caused by acidic substances. However, homeowners that choose natural stone are still encouraged to use common household items such as heat pads, coasters and cutting boards to preserve the long-lasting beauty of their surfaces. Quartz, marble and resistant granite slabs in Toronto can add value and functionality to homes across the Greater Toronto Area.